Micro Advantage


Computer Parts & Peripherals

Whether you are upgrading your WiFi speeds, finally backing up your precious photos to external hard drive, or enjoying the benefits of a multi-monitor setup, we have the peripherals to make your computing experience better.

Refurbished and New Computers

At Micro Advantage, we sell both refurbished computers and brand new computers. Our refurbished computers are all thoroughly tested for any potential problems. Each computer has 4-5 hours of testing and diagnostics before we certify it ready for sale.

SSD Storage
Fast SSD storage. Ready. Set. Done.

Even older PCs benefit from replacing older "platter" drives with fast SSD drive technology.

Anti-Virus & Backup Software

Reduce the chance of compromising your PC by installing anti-virus software to protect. Even the most savvy user can be fooled into clicking on a link in an email containing a virus.

Never leave your precious photos and data on your computer without a backup! With Acronis True Image, your data is regularly backed up and secure.

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