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Best Intel Motherboards: August 2022

While the competition between Intel and AMD set to bring about another era of strong competition in the coming months, there’s still plenty of superb performance to be had from Intel’s current 12th Gen Core series processors. Regardless of whether you’re planning to wait for the next generation of desktop processors or looking for a bargain, there are lots to like about Alder Lake and its associated motherboard chipsets such as Z690, B660, and H610. Summer isn’t the only hot thing around at the moment, with Intel’s top-tier Core i9-12900K and the even hotter 12900KS processors leading the performance-inspiring charge through the rest of the summer.

We’re taking a look at what’s currently hot on the market in terms of motherboards for Intel’s 12th Gen Core series processors ranging from ‘money no object’, all the way down to what represents good value for money. Whether or not you’re looking for a flagship model or aiming to get as much value as possible, we’re listing our best picks for our August 2022 Intel motherboard buyer’s guide.