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Best AMD Motherboards: July 2022

In what is likely the final months prior to AMD launching its highly anticipated Ryzen 7000 processors, its longstanding AM4 platform has had a long and successful run. Back from the original Ryzen days with X370, all the way to today’s current AM4 chipsets including both X570 and B550, there’s a wide variety of models to choose from for Ryzen 5000 processors. 

Despite readying up a new socket for its Ryzen 7000 lineup with support for DDR5 memory only, AMD confirmed that the AM4 chipset will remain alive for a little while yet. When it comes to selecting a motherboard for an AMD-based desktop system, there’s plenty of choice including the original X570 chipset, as well as the refreshed X570S models with passive chipset heatsinks, not forgetting the premium but affordable B550 range. It’s time to give you the low down on our picks ranging from value, all the way to the best that AM4 has to offer in our latest AMD motherboard buyers guide for July 2022.